Sunday, September 20, 2009

I finally finished them!

I may be the last person on the planet, but I finally finished the Harry Potter series!

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Friday night at midnight. Yes, I decided to be a total loser and spend my entire Friday night reading. But it was worth it, sooo good. Although I kind of wish now I had spread out the reading a little bit because now I'm kind of sad it's over.

I started reading the Harry Potter series last year because my roomate insisted I would like them. I had nothing against reading them, I guess I just never had the desire or time, or something. So I read the first 3 but for some reason stopped halfway through the fourth book. Then this summer my friend Ben found out I had stopped reading the series with no plan of action to get a hold of the others and finish them. He first looked at me like I was crazy, then promptly took me to his house where he grabbed the fourth book, handed it to me, and told me I had to finish them.

Well, I'm really glad he did that. The Harry Potter books really are so good! I had a ton of fun reading them. The books fully transport you to Harry's magical world. So many times while reading the books I found myself wishing I could be there at Hogwarts, living in a castle with a four poster bed and a trunk full of spellbooks. I wish I could clean my house or wash my clothes with a flick of a wand. I wish I could go on adventures and discover hidden secrets.

My favorite character was by far Dumbledore. Now, I know he's fictional so don't think I'm going crazy, but while reading the books I often wished I could be like Dumbledore. He was so wise, understanding, and witty. He could command respect without ever raising his voice. He could win any argument with his completely reasonable and witty replies. There were so many times that I re-read Dumbledore's words (really JK Rowlings) so they could sink in further. Like the time he talked about death and darkness and explained to Harry that it isn't really death or darkness we fear, but it's the unknown. So true, those of us who know what lies in store for us after this life have no real reason to fear death. I know I'm probably reading way too much into it but, dang, so good nonetheless.

While my favorite character was Dumbledore, the best character of the whole series was probably Snape. And JK Rowling did an amazing job concealing his true loyalties until the very end. You were never really sure where he stood until the very end. Awesome.

Anyway, if you haven't read them I highly recommend it. If not just for something fun to take your mind off life.

Some more catch up stuff that just can't go overlooked any longer...

I got to the end of this post and realized it's going to have to be picture-less because I can't find the cord that connects my camera to my computer. So when I reference a photo, you're just going to have to imagine :) The only picture you get at the moment is the one I stole of PTM from Facebook.

Ok, there have been some events recently (my definition of "recently" for this post being anything in the last 6 months :)) that can't be forgotten in the dark hole of my laziness in writing on this blog.

I digress -- I think my journal writing is somewhat like Joseph Smith's, with "periods of effective journal keeping, but there were also gaps when months and even years went by in silence (Mark Ashurst-McGee and Alex Smith, "The Joseph Smith Journals," Ensign, Dec 2007). While neither of us, I'm sure, are proud of this, at least he could employ scribes to help him later in life. Hmm, that might be something worth looking into...scribes...ya.

Ok, back on topic.

I had to get this one posted because it barely meets the "rarely" cutoff. In March my cousin Paul (aka PTM) took me to a Jazz game. Big deal you say? Well this wasn't just any Jazz game. It was his company's turn to sit in the box seats. Yes, that's right. Notice the "Luxury Suites" logo on the ticket, announcing to the world that we are more important than everyone else :). Seriously though, that's the way to watch a basketball game. They had all kinds of food, drinks, snacks, and desserts, and all still pretty close to the action on the court.

It was so nice of him to take me to the game, I mean, he could have taken anyone. (And I'm sure his parents were not a little displeased that he didn't take a girl whose not a relation :)) He took me because he knows I love basketball, and would probably appreciate it more than anyone else. Well, except for our other cousin Christie whom he took last year. She's pretty much the biggest Jazz fan EVER.

Anyway, thanks PTM for taking me to the game, I had a blast! And thanks for being my number one hockey fan in Ogden!!

Here's a pic I stole of PTM from his Facebook

Next up --- Fourth of July Lewiston Extravaganza. We went to Lewiston for the 4th again this year, and again Sis. Hall did not disappoint as the "Goddess of 4th of July Fun." This year we actually decided to add another somethin' somethin' to the festivities and ran the 5k race. The Mathews family represented pretty well, I must say. Preston won the whole thing, I got 4th for the girls, 2nd in my age group, and BJ got 10th overall, 3rd in his age group (which included Preston). Here's our little ribbons. Hopefully Sis. Hall doesn't get in trouble for bringing an outsider "ringer", and Preston can come back again next year!

Third --- My Stanley Cup Final Party. The final was in June and it was the Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins. What made this game really exiting was 1) The Penguins were a heavy underdog, and 2) this was the exact same match up as last year when the Red Wings won it all right in front of the Pittsburgh fans. Well, revenge is sweet. I invited some friends over and made sure I had everything in the Pens colors of black and tan. For snacks I had ding dongs (they look like pucks, PTM's genious idea), Pepsi and Lemonade (closest drinks to Pens colors I could find), and chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. I also put the players names and numbers on the cupcakes which I think added a little something. That's my specialty, I do the cupcake/players name and number thing for my Suns parties too.

It was an exiting, exciting game and the Penguins came out the victors. To make it even better? The final was won in Detroit. Muahahahahaha. Take that!