Monday, November 24, 2008

24-48. Wow.

I have no words for this disaster of a game. I listened to the first quarter on the radio - I was coming back to SLC from Provo - and was hearing some rediculous numbers like: # of Utah offensive yards = 160, # of BYU offensive yards = 40, # of Utah plays = 27, BYU = 8, # of Utah 3rd down conversions = a million/every time down the field, # of BYU 3rd down conversions = 0, zip, natta, 21 completed of 41 passes. Those aren't the kind of numbers that win you big games guys.

But when I showed up at Wade and Gary's apt to watch the game (with them, Erin, and my friend Amy) the tide started to turn. The score was 3-17, but we came back in pretty exciting fashion. Our first touchdown was on a run from Unga, then we scored again on an awesome deceptive play where they did a direct snap to Unga while Max Hall was yelling another play to the opposite side of the field, kinda Boise State-ish.

We kept the score close with a run from Hall for a third TD.

24-27...and then...we completely and totally SELF DESTRUCTED.

It started with a fumble from Hall in the pocket that resulted in a touchdown for Charlie. Then you name it, it happened. Pass after pass batted away. 4, count 'em 4 interceptions! (And we're lucky there weren't more), 3 said interceptions resulted in Ute touchdowns. Oy vey!!

Max Hall might as well have been wearing red. Well, I shouldn't say that. To be fair, Hall is an awesome quarterback! And I'm sure there are lots of other factors in those interceptions. And he's allowed to have an off game. It just stinks that it had to be THIS game.

Final score...oh the pain...24-48.

I was however, surprised by the lack of deriding comments from my Ute friends at church on Sunday. Could it have been the location? No, hasn't stopped them before. Maybe it was sympathy for our self destruction? No, I'm sure they liked every minute of that. Maybe they knew no words needed to be said. I mean, we know right?

Well, whatever the reason, I didn't get too much flack yesterday - BUT, just give it 'till...oh...the first "dicussion" about which school is superior. No doubt in my mind, the first line of their testimony will be this "blowout."

You just wait and see. I'll report back my findings.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The mountain standing in my path to euphoria

I've been living in Salt Lake for almost 7 months now and basically...I'm loving every minute of it!

My job at the museum is awesome. I work with great people on a subject I love.

I get to see this beautiful site every single day.
I live in a nice apartment (no picture for safety reasons. You understand :) ).

I have awesome roommates. (me and Hailey)
I live at the foot of the breathtaking Mt. Olympus
There's a beautiful view of the city at night up here

My friends are awesome!
My hockey team is awesome! (pictures to come)

My brothers live nice and close.
Etc., etc., etc.

However, one thing stands in the way of absolute euphoria for this place, this people and otherwise my present circumstance...

Which is....

Yes, I'm referring to my unfortunate position as a Cougar fan in Ute territory.

Every time I grab my BYU hat, or pull on my Cougar blue sweatshirt I just know to prepare myself for reaction. Last week at hockey for instance I wore my sweatshirt and probably 3 people told me I "better be careful wearing those colors around here," and "we need to get you some red."

I'm lucky though because I do have a pretty good size support group of fellow Cougar fans like Paul, Jared, Erin, Jamen, Jeremy, Wade, Gary, Andrew, and Brian. So usually at least at a ward function I normally get one positive comment regarding my choice of attire.

Well, today at 4pm MST it all comes to a head when the Cougars take on the Utes. If the Cougars can pull out a 'W' I can walk just a little taller in church on Sunday and maybe even offer a few jabs to my Ute friends who think the U of U is the best thing to happen since fry sauce. But...if, heaven forbid, the U walks away the victors... I will NEVER hear the end of it. Never.

GO COUGARS!! My safety in a hostile environment is on the line! :)

Let's do this again...

p.s. For the record, my friends are actually pretty cool about it, every person I've met up here has been nothing but sweet to me, just an occasional joke and even less occasional mockery, but always with a smile on their face. My brother's roommate told me awhile ago that I really only need to worry about the drunk U fans :).

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Recent happenings...

A couple weekends ago I went to a Real Salt Lake game at the new stadium with two of my friends from Provo. It was awesome!! Just look at this stadium...B-E-A-U-tiful!! I mean this, this is a soccer stadium! It brought tears to my eyes just looking at it...

Me and Allen cheering another Real goal...with the zoom on...oops :)

Look at this beautiful sunset just as we walked in for the game. Talk about purple mountain majesty!

Allen, me, and Spencer. These guys are so much fun! I miss working with them at the jewelry store!

Allen, me, and Spence dogg again...


Keifer's birthday at the Cheesecake Factory...what the--they spelled his name wrong!

It's K-e-i-f-e-r! Helloooooo!

Keifer (BJ and Preston's old roommate) with his birthday cheesecake

Two girls that I totally forgot their names :) and some of the old Glenhood crew - Keifer, Valerie, Kyle, Sara (?), Me, Preston (supposedly putting up Keifers age, but sorry Pres, Keifer's not 53, or 35 for that matter :)) Kristy.

Nice face Preston


On Monday I went and played tennis with Matt Hammond and after missing a good shot from him I threw my racket down and broke it! Dang! Sad day! I've had that racket since I was like 8 when my parents signed us up for tennis lessons. Oh well, looks like sports equipment girl will have to be on the lookout for a new tennis racket.


Last Saturday I went to a Sigma Gamma Chi date night with Brian Farr. We dressed up as Nacho Libre and Nacho...Libra? :) Anyway, it was so much fun! We had a Halloween themed dinner and then broke up into groups to make scary movies--ours was the best of course!


For the last couple of months I've been playing in a soccer league down in Spanish Fork...yes that's an hour away, stupid, I know, but so much fun! We were the first place team in the A division going into the tournament and we didn't dissapoint. We had three games this week and won them all to win the championship. Go team Elite! (Paul, our Home Teacher, even came down to one of the games, now that's what I call dedication!)

p.s. How do you like those snazzy uniforms? :) Flames and everything! I say next year we just opt for t-shirts and call it a day.

(Me, Brina, Robyn, Kelsey, Hailey, Seri, Amaris)Me and my roommate Hailey, she's pretty much awesome!


Yesterday at work we had a Halloween potluck and Richard Oman introduced us to this hobo (Larry) that he found on the street who he thought could use some food. Love the costume Larry!
Th-th-th-that's all folks!!